Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Silent Majority: A call to action

Ok, to be fair, we're far from silent. We came out to the polls in record numbers to support Obama. Well over a million of us came out to support his inauguration. But we've been becoming a bit complacent.

Instead of just talking and laughing about the teabaggers, why don't we do something to show the country that though their insanity can grab headlines, they are still the minority, and a pathetic one at that.

Besides, the revolutionary in me really wants to get out and protest. Maybe I've been reading too much about the late 60s recently.


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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Organizing for Homelessness

Last weekend I went to the National Student Conference Against Hunger and Homelessness at Rutgers University. It was a little disorganized, but in spite of that I learned a lot and got some really great new ideas about what college campuses can do about homelessness.

Many of these new ideas came from talking with the Speakers' Bureau Coordinator for the National Coalition of the Homeless, Michael O'Neill, and one of their speakers, Jesse Smith. The Speakers' Bureau travels around the country putting on "Faces of Homelessness" panels on college campuses and for various community groups. At the conference they held one of these panels (which I unfortunately missed because of plane delays), but I have seen similar events in the past.

These panels that let students (or other groups) see what homelessness is like are a great way to break stereotypes about homelessness. In addition, the National Coalition for the Homeless makes it really easy to organize one. They have a form that you can fill out and then your school pays for their transportation, lodging (they're not picky, at the conference we slept on a church floor), and an honorarium for the speakers. I would really encourage anyone with a budget who wants to raise awareness about homelessness to host one of these panels.